Dog wearing Christmas hat

A holiday message from Dr. Maggie Gamble

I hope you and your wonderful pets are all staying safe and healthy these days!

As you may know, as of 2021, I am no longer working at Parkview Pet Hospital. I feel very sad that I did not have time to say thank you in person for allowing me to be the veterinarian for your precious four-legged family members for the past 11 years plus. So I want to tell you now, in this letter, that your pets are amazing, you are great pet parents, and I appreciate the trust you placed in me as I cared for your animals over the years.

I am not sure what you have been told about my departure, so I wanted to share the proper information with you. I was the founder and owner of Parkview since 2009, but I sold the practice to another veterinarian earlier in 2020 (to lessen the administrative duties for which I was responsible). Although I was under the impression that I could work at Parkview long term, I was told on December 18, 2020, that I was no longer needed after Dec 29, 2020.

Thank God my health is good, my mind is sharp and I am still able to pursue my passion for working as a veterinarian, which I truly believe is my calling in life. I am looking for another job, but it is Christmas, with COVID on top—so this is not an easy time to find another position. Yet, I am a spiritual person and have faith that everything will work out and there will be another opportunity for me to continue my life’s work.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and here’s hoping that 2021 will be a better year for all of us!

Merry Christmas!

Maggie Gamble, DVM

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